Modular Retail Signage

Modular Signage image.

As well as making up customised frame and installation units for individual requirements, Boock Signs & Graphics also supplies Modular Curved Frame Technology.

Modular Curved Frame Technology is a new concept in the sign industry, developed by experienced sign professionals, to fill the gap between custom fabricated sign systems and modular sign systems. This leaves room for flexibility when it comes to budgeting, by offering
the option of adjusting cost according to levels of customisation.

The Modular Curved Frame Technology System is made up of standardised units that can be assembled in different ways using both standard and custom accessories and attachments. Design trend curves ensure that insert material remains in place, by using its own tension. This means that many different types of sign substrates and inserts can be used, whilst at the same time allowing for the quick and cost effective updating of signs. The developers of Modular Curved Frame Technology work closely with signage companies, ensuring the ongoing development of new ideas which are continually aimed at meeting marketing requirements.

Included in the Modular Curved Frame Technology System range:

 •  Wall frames  •  Projecting wall brackets  •  Directory  •  Table stands  •  Double-sided pylons  •  Suspended  •  Post pylons  •  Triangular pylons  •  Vista light

These all come in a variety of sizes and are available in brushed aluminium, gold and black finishes. For quick and convenient quotes or orders, please make use of our ORDER page.